Curso de Instructor de Telas Aéreas Nivel Inicial


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Aerial fabrics are undoubtedly the star activity in any workshop or circus activity. Children and adults are totally attracted by this artistic and sports practice that looks so elegant, aesthetic and spectacular.

However, the practice of this discipline requires a lot of work, consistency and technique. It looks very easy to climb the silk and fly, but it is painful and hard work on this element. Still, most students love this practice.

The elevation of self-esteem and the feeling of freedom are two of the consequences of the practice of aerial fabrics. Working in the air generates adrenaline and each small achievement requires great physical effort. These characteristics make aerobatics very attractive activities for people who are attracted by challenges.

The Circus School wants to offer you this 20-hour training. of duration in two modalities, PRESENTIAL and ONLINE so that you acquire all the necessary tools to become an Initial Level Aerial Fabric Instructor and be able to provide a safe learning environment for your students.

Where can you work as an Aerial Fabric Instructor ?

In introductory workshops on Aerial Fabrics in Circus Schools and Acrobatics, Dance Academies, etc.

You will become part of an Employment Exchange of the MSB Circus School . You can participate professionally in our events as well as be recommended in our collaborating centers.

Course Indicated for:

  • Students of the MSB Circus School
  • Sports or Fitness monitors
  • Acrobats and athletes in General

Requirements to meet:

  • Being over 18 years
  • Accredit the condition of advanced students in aerial fabrics (minimum one year of training at the MSB Circus School) or
  • Accredit the condition of acrobat or professional athlete or
  • Accredit the status of sports instructor

The MSB Circus School will make a selection of candidates for this training taking into account the aforementioned criteria. The degree of experience in the aerial element (the fabric in this case) will be decisive for this choice.

Course Contents:

  • General pedagogy
  • Security and anchors
  • Class planning
  • Warm up and specific physical preparation for aerobatics
  • Development of specific content (Level 1 of Aerobatics in Silks)
  • Motivation and conflict resolution in class
  • Creativity and Movement


Course start date: August 17, 2020

Duration: 20 hours.

Theory hours: 10 hours.

Practice hours: 10 hours.

Places available: 4

Languages: Spanish / English

Modes: On-site / Online

El alumno/a podrá realizar el curso en la Modalidad que prefiera. También podrá realizarse una parte Online y otra presencial. Los alumnos que elijan la modalidad Online DEBERÁN TENER UNA TELA  en casa (o acceso a ella).

Las clases presenciales podrán realizarse en Vecindario (Casa Pastores) o Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, según la disponibilidad de los espacios.

Profesora: Gisele Chaulet (Directora y Profesora de la Escuela de Circo MSB desde el año 2006)

El Certificado de este curso será expedido por la Escuela de Circo MSB, primera Escuela de Circo de Canarias fundada en el año 2006 y miembro de la Federación Española de Escuelas de Circo Socio Educativo (FEECSE)

In Spain there are no regulated formations in the National Circus. However, the MSB Circus School is a reference to the National Level of Training of Artists who then opt for Professional Schools or who dedicate themselves to the Circus in a professional way. The MSB Circus School has designed this training action in order to regularize and introduce safe practices in the Teaching of aerobatics techniques.

If you want more info about this course, you can contact us at tel: 672 024 412